Exclusive Events

If you have a group as large as 500-5,000 we can reserve Holiday Hill for your group alone, depending on the date.

If you're not quite that large, but have at least 100 people we can accomodate you on a weekday evening "Splash Party." Your employees and families don't have to give up a Saturday or Sunday, you still have 4 hours of daylight for the company softball or volleyball games, and the canoe races, and then you can gather poolside for dancing, dessert and the lighted, heated pools.  This option is fun for adults and families.

Either way call us at 203-272-5358 or 1-800-533-0029 for a customized proposal designed around your unique needs.

Click below for some SAMPLE outing packages for exclusive-use:

Held on Saturdays and Sundays from May through September, or available weekdays in May, June, August or September

Parties are held on the weekdays in late June, and throughout July, August and September