School Picnics and Field Trips

We are NEVER open to the public. Security and safety are our first concern. Bring your students and they will mix only with kids their in their own age group from other schools. Don't worry about uninvited guests arriving by car asking to be admitted, we don't allow it.  We will host Middle Schools  and lower schools on certain days and High Schools on others.  The packages you can see if you click on the links above allow your kids to have a blast, and to eat ALL DAY without reaching into their pockets for money, no one else can say that, period.

In early May we have dates available for exclusive bookings. Many colleges and Universities make a day at Holiday Hill part of their senior week activities, email us at MAINOFFICE@HOLIDAYHILL.COM or call 203-272-5358 OR 800-533-0029 for availability.